Every year, Russian school textbooks become “the talk of the town” - either they will find a reference to porn in them, or then Minister Kravtsov will have to apologize to the Chechen people. Today we will tell and show how Russian textbooks are approved by the Russian Ministry of Education and why the quality of Russian education is falling every year. Details are available from

The protocol dated July 19, 2023 No. TV-32/03pr of the meeting of the Scientific and Methodological Council on Textbooks of the Ministry of Education of Russia presents a special opinion of a member of the Council, referent of the Directorate for Scientific and Educational Policy of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Alekseevich Gudkov, who notes the facts of the lack of testing of textbooks , recommended by the Ministry of Education of Russia.

We note, however, that by a majority vote the textbook was approved for printing and use in schools, despite such “minor” problems.

A similar quality of examination can be found in the dissenting opinion of Council member Elena Vladimirovna Bryzgalina, presented in the protocol dated July 13, 2023 No. TV-31/03pr of the meeting of the Scientific and Methodological Council on Textbooks of the Ministry of Education of Russia, according to which materials were found in the textbook recommended by the Ministry of Education of Russia , having the age marking “+18”, which is a violation of Part 4 of Article 16 of the Federal Law of December 29, 2010 N 436-FZ “On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development.” Just as in the previous case, the textbook was approved by a majority vote for printing and use in schools.

Who ignores such significant remarks? The Chairman of the Scientific and Methodological Council for Textbooks of the Ministry of Education of Russia is Deputy Minister of Education Tatyana Viktorovna Vasilyeva, known to our readers from previous publications.


Apparently, Tatyana Viktorovna is satisfied with the policy pursued by the Ministry, or she is simply not in the know, since she is busy teaching courses in the VK, which, as far as we know, Tatyana Viktorovna did not agree with her employer, the Government of Russia, in violation of the Federal Law “On State Civil Service of the Russian Federation" dated July 27, 2004 N 79-FZ, perhaps deciding that one more or less one more offense will not save one’s career.

However, most likely, it was Tatyana Vasilyeva’s repeated shortcomings that could have served as the reason for her removal from business now. For example, at the parliamentary hearings “State policy in the field of preservation, protection and development of the Russian language: status, problems and solutions”, held in the Federation Council on November 14, 2023, Sergei Kravtsov took not Tatyana Viktorovna, but another deputy minister, Denis Gribov , despite the fact that the issues discussed fell within the exclusive competence of T.V. Vasilyeva.

Due to problems with Russian language textbooks at the said parliamentary hearing, Sergei Kravtsov received harsh criticism from the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. In circles close to Matvienko’s secretariat, says that as a result of this event, she was given an order to conduct an internal parliamentary investigation into the preparation of school textbooks, based on the results of which a report should be submitted to her. Considering Valentina Ivanovna’s ability to enter Vladimir Putin’s office at any time, such a document will allow the old apparatchik V.I. Matvienko to make his man the next Minister of Education.

We also inform readers of that the Control Directorate of the Presidential Administration of Russia, which may have become interested in the facts of the unusual biography of Pavel Vladimirovich Kuzmin thanks to our publication, initiated a review of Kuzmin’s appointment to the position of Director of the Department of Training, Professional Development and Social Security of Teaching Workers of the Ministry of Education of Russia.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued