On November 24, 2023, the Higher Qualification Board of Judges of the Russian Federation hastily and on a non-alternative basis recommended the appointment of 30-year-old Stanislav Fedorov, an adviser to the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, as the Chairman of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region.

This recommendation caused a lot of negative feedback in the media and legal community. The candidate’s lack of judicial and leadership experience, his addiction to alcohol, closeness to the “gray cardinals” of the judicial system Alexander Gusev and Viktor Momotov, and the involvement of his mother Natalia Fedorova in Navalny’s protests in 2009 were noted.

However, all this is still “flowers”. The editors have at their disposal materials from which it follows that Fedorov has long been openly exposing his 80-year-old benefactor, Chairman of the Supreme Court Vyacheslav Lebedev, who, due to his advanced age and serious illness, is unable to cope with the performance of leadership functions.

Everyone knows how scrupulous the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation is when working with proprietary information. For example, in 2020, only the suspicion of a leak of a draft of one of the decisions of the Presidium into the public space became the reason for checking a significant number of court staff and strict organizational measures.

However, such “rigor” does not apply to Stanislav Fedorov, who, due to his closeness to management, has access to the most important and often secret information, has been massively “leaking” for several years and will continue to “leaking” the most important official documentation to a certain Yaroslava Sergeevna Grebenshchikova, who is his cohabitant. Moreover, completely different working documents are sent to this “mysterious stranger” from their personal mail: draft resolutions, statistical and analytical information, reports and speeches of the Chairman of the Supreme Court, schedules of his events (which calls into question the safety of Lebedev himself, who is under state protection) , materials of internal checks regarding judges and court staff (Sviridenko O.M., Tafintseva D.V., Vorobyova O.A., Egorova O.A.). The question arises: for what purpose does such important information fall into the hands of a person who has nothing to do with the Supreme Court, and how does Grebenshchikova then manage it?

It is also worth noting that Stanislav Fedorov, in principle, hid from the High Qualification Board of Judges the fact of the existence of an actual marital relationship with Yaroslava Grebenshchikova, which was subject to publication for the purpose of conducting verification activities. He also did not indicate either in the application form of a candidate for the position of a judge or in the declaration of the fact of living together with her in a luxurious apartment in the center of Moscow at the address: Bolshaya Bronnaya. Everywhere, Fedorov’s registration address is “modestly” indicated as the address of actual residence: Chernyakhovsky Street.

Fedorov’s “forgetfulness” is all the more surprising since in the questionnaire submitted earlier at his place of work, he himself indicated that he actually lives on Bolshaya Bronnaya, together with Y.S. Grebenshchikova. (manager of Meta LLC).

Fedorov will also not be able to refer to the abrupt termination of the de facto marital relationship with his cohabitant, since active contacts with her (cohabitation and recreation, visits to entertainment venues, active correspondence) did not stop either before he received the recommendation of the Higher Qualification Committee, or after.

Of course, the Article 5 of the Law on the Status of Judges, which provides for the impossibility of appointing as a judge persons who provided false information at the competition.

The fact that Grebenshchikova is not a “stranger” in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation is confirmed by the recent appointment of T.P. Vinogradov, who is her co-author in a number of joint publications, to the position of assistant to Lebedev.

Fedorov does not hesitate to “resolve” issues in the courts using his official position. The editors received a letter from S.I. Fedorov, sent to the personal address of Mikhail Baskakov, who is acting. O. Head of the International Cooperation Department of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated April 12, 2023

This letter contains a technical task for the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation - to review judicial acts issued in favor of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation in a dispute with Konstantin Strukov (Yuzhuralzoloto group of companies) in case No. A27-6066/2007.

As follows from this note, which may soon turn out to be evidence in a criminal case on the fact of mediation in bribery, the Arbitration Court of the Kemerovo Region and the 7th Court of Appeal (Tomsk) adopted judicial acts in favor of the “tax optimizer” Konstantin Strukov, releasing the latter from liability to budget of the Russian Federation in the amount of over 4 billion rubles. These judicial acts as illegal and unfounded were twice canceled by the cassation instance - the Arbitration Court of the West Siberian District, and the last time - with the case being sent to a court of another jurisdiction. gion - to the Arbitration Court of the Omsk Region, which in itself is an extremely rare and unusual phenomenon for the arbitration system and, in fact, a recognition of the corruption of the Kemerovo court.

Apparently, Strukov K.’s lawyers made attempts to revise the judicial act in favor of the budget of the Russian Federation by corrupting unidentified employees (judges) of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, and Stanislav Fedorov became the intermediary who volunteered to help them in this.

Timofey Grishin