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2022-01-15 20:16

How the Ministry of Internal Affairs and judges helped a gang of pedophiles

If Bastrykin is not in control, the security forces are ready to sell themselves even to sadists who tortured children

2022-01-14 21:16

The FSB listened to Joe Biden

And the field of conversation between the President of the United States and Putin began the hunt for "cyber evil"

2022-01-12 20:35

"Is the advisor to the head of Russian Railways satisfied with the murder?"

The bankers were eliminated one by one. The customers are known.

2022-01-11 20:35

"Spiders from banks"

How the owners of banks and recipients of billions of dollars in government contracts "ordered" each other Jaco

2022-01-10 20:38

Testimony that made the siloviki millionaires

How the materials on the "customers" of the murders committed by the Dzhako organized criminal group were hidden

2022-01-09 19:10

The golden colonel decided to become the "king of expertise"

"Has the ability to initiate a case against any person"

2022-01-08 20:01

They want to deal with the murderer of Albert Ryzhiy in Matrosskaya Tishina

The "customer" of Heydarov's elimination - "thief in law" Namik stood up to protect the killer

2022-01-07 21:50

Armand the Magnificent

We tell about the fate of a crime boss detained for organizing riots in Kazakhstan

2022-01-06 20:11

Supreme Court judge removed quietly

A large piece of land from Sochi was found under his mantle

2022-01-05 19:35

"The risk of escaping is too great."

Vladislav Klyushin, who was arrested in the United States, was not released on bail.

2022-01-04 21:12

"The location of the safe filled with $ million was never identified by the FBI."

Rostec and the Moscow government got scared by the US and refused to cooperate with Klyushin

2022-01-03 16:37

Ukrainian "star" forced Russian students to take microloans

We tell you why the main director of Odessa was arrested in Italy

2022-01-02 21:10

"After receiving the envelope, the person can be immediately" worked out ", that is, killed"

How the prosecutor ordered the murder of the investigator. His wife, the judge, was also hit by the bullets.

2022-01-01 17:17

Alarm signal for Governor Kobzev

Burnt-out boarding school, "left" drones, personal patronage of Gurovich

2021-12-31 20:42

"The apparatus of the court has long been degraded"

New Year's revelations of the ICR investigator

2021-12-30 18:30

Themis servants saved the apartment of a corrupt official for 1 billion

The court lifted the arrest from the real estate of the chief for "cutting" the funds of Russian Railways

2021-12-29 20:00

The night of the Strelets' execution

There is a "war" in Tver. Participant - nephew of the ex-inspector of the President of the Russian Federation

2021-12-28 20:04

Bloody Ensign, Dark Prince Peter returned in shackles

His lads are preparing for revenge, hiding behind the name of the president's classmate

2021-12-27 17:33

The FBI of the USA tried on the Order of Honor from Vladimir Putin

How Klyushin, arrested by the Americans, helped Russian politicians get full safes full of $

2021-12-26 19:01

Vice-rector of MGIMO Natalya Kuzmina and her criminal "loaf"

As a business academician from MGIMO Natalya Kuzmina hid billions of rubles from the state

2021-12-25 12:53

"An old man with no legs above his knees was crawling along the way."

Self-instruction manual how to survive in a pre-trial detention center: from Butyrka to Lefortovo

2021-12-24 19:10

"The guards could have been shut down along with the main goal."

New-old corpses are carried out of the labyrinth of the Minotaur

2021-12-23 19:52

How the authority blinded Rublyovka

Surveillance cameras turned off for kidnapping on government highway

2021-12-22 19:23

"Golden son-in-law" of Rostec: loft for 320 million, houses on Rublevka for 400 million

The State Corporation "saws" like a family

2021-12-21 20:48

$ 1 million from Tatler for generals and thief in law

The commander of group A of the FSB in the assistants of billionaires and mafiosi

2021-12-20 18:48

Found the capital of Russian mining

"Home stations, garage boxes, mining hotels, farms, industrial crypto shops"

2021-12-19 20:26

Moscow Control Center for 3 billion turned out to be an illegal construction

Pyotr Biryukov tries to hide a loud failure

2021-12-18 18:53

Shot, dissolved in acid, poisoned with poisons

Will Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov bring the leader of the most dangerous organized criminal group from the UAE

2021-12-17 20:09

Door-Stalinist Empire style, supercage and the spirit of Solzhenitsyn

Memories of the released prisoner of the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center

2021-12-16 20:11

Found an American contact Ilya Sachkov

Fugitive ex-owner of Otkrytie Vadim Belyaev turned out to be the secret co-owner of Group-IB