For more than six months now, the village of Grigoropolisskaya, located in the Novoaleksandrovsky urban district of the Stavropol Territory, has been in a fever with the uncertainty caused by the change of government of the 100-history collective farm "Russia". Numerous publications in the media, videos posted on the Internet are devoted to this topic, which caused a great public outcry. What is the "salt" of what is happening will try to figure it out by referring to the primary source - the residents of the village, eyewitnesses of events and the opinions of independent experts.

All complexes that manifest themselves in adulthood are laid down in childhood

According to Z. Freud and A. Adler, the desire to rule is one of the types of neurotic deviation, which is based on the pathological phenomenon in the development of personality "inferiority complex".

Sasha Grinev grew up in the village of Grigoropolisskaya, surrounded by his loving parents, grandparents, studied well, was exemplary and diligent. However, due to his “soft” character and lagging behind in physical development from his peers, he never possessed the qualities of a leader and a leader; he never aroused sympathy among his classmates. Even then, during his school years, Sasha decided for himself: “I will grow up, become a big boss and show everyone who I am - Alexander Viktorovich Grinev, in fact”!

Sasha Grinev walked towards his goal for a long time and stubbornly. He owed everything to his native collective farm, who disaccustomed him first at a technical school, and then at an institute, after graduation he hired him.

Александр Гринев

In communicating with workmates, he was always polite and responsive, he helped as much as he could. Apparently, these qualities of Alexander's character were noticed by the permanent head of the collective farm, Pianov S.V., who understood that his age would one day end, and the country's leading enterprise must be left in "reliable hands" and wanted to find a worthy successor in his person.

Oh, how wrong was Pyanov then! How "bitter" it will be the realization of the betrayal of those who were considered to be close and trusted people!

Clan "Grinev-Podstavkin"

Having entered into the confidence of S.V. Pyanov and taking advantage of his good nature and disposition, Alexander began to "create". With an annual turnover of a collective farm of one billion rubles, 100 million does not seem like a big sum. According to the villagers, it was 100 million rubles a year that Grinev A. “made” for himself personally, heading the “shock” Brigade No. 11. Naturally, without informing the “high” management of the collective farm about it.

The scheme was simple. When weighing a car with the harvested crop arrived from the field at the weighing Brigade No. 11, the documents reflected less weight from the actually harvested one, the so-called "unaccounted for".

You will say: "But what about the chief agronomist and foremen, who must fight for yields, for minimizing losses, that is, showing the results of their work, to value their workplace?" The answer is simple - everyone had their share of the "neglect".

Every month, in secret from the "High" management of the collective farm, Alexander Grinev handed out to the collective farmers the "shock" Brigade No. 11, the heads of the brigades, the agronomist and the accounting department who participated in the "scheme", the so-called "letters of happiness" (envelopes with money from the sale of stolen goods collective farm).

From time to time, Alexander updated the car park of those close to him, presented them with real estate far beyond the boundaries of the village. For cohabiting children of foremen Aseeva M.N. and Aleksey Podstavkin - an apartment in St. Petersburg overlooking Nevsky Prospekt, so that they (the children) can enjoy the coolness of the white nights, while their parents continue to make a fortune during the harvest. To the son of Brigadier Barilchenko A.M. - an apartment in Moscow, to the Kiselev family - a brand new Kia Ceed and payment of expenses for the repair of home ownership, Brigadier Gavrilov A.N. - an apartment in Krasnodar, accountant Veshkina E.A. (who was not only an accountant for Grinev) - a Kia Rio car, payment of expenses for repairing the house and treating her daughter. Zelenin S.A. took money, as there was not enough imagination to acquire something. Even the chef of brigade No. 11, T.A. Semerkina, got it. From the "lordly" shoulder of Alexander Grinev, she was gifted with the "flagship" of the French automotive industry - the Peugeot 308, apparently with a hint of an early visit to the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees.

Alexander did not forget about himself and his family members. In his native village he limited himself to a "modest" house of 200 sq. M. meters, made of premium building materials, decoration, architectural and interior solutions of which even the townspeople will envy.

Outside the village, Grinev did not become modest. For the construction of an estate in the city of Armavir, Krasnodar Territory, he bought three plots with a total area of ​​more than 20 acres on which and launched the construction of a palace on 1,000 square meters, a guest house and a house for servants. Is it worth talking about the presence of a Spa-complex in the residence, consisting of baths, saunas, hamams and swimming pools? This is self-evident for Alexander. The house has its own cinema and mini-casino , and a wine room with a hookah room. You ask: "Who is looking after all this?" And we will answer you: "Why was the servant's house built?" The property is maintained on a permanent basis by a gardener, bath attendant, cook and three maids. According to the servants, one of the requirements of A. Grinev is the obligatory meeting of the owner on the doorstep with red salmon and a glass of cold moonshine. According to experts, the approximate cost of A. Grinev's estate in Armavir is 70-80 million rubles.

Alexander loves to ride quickly and comfortably. Therefore, it has in its fleet two premium BMW X 5, black and white, the total cost of which is at least 20 million rubles.

For his only and beloved son A. Grinev bought a two-level apartment with panoramic glazing in the center of the capital of the Motherland, organized a designer renovation exclusively from “off-the-beaten-track” materials, and filled the living space with Italian furniture made of precious wood species. Taking into account the area of ​​the dwelling of 300 square meters, its approximate cost is 300-350 million rubles. So that the child does not mess around, dad gave him office space in Stavropol, which Grinev Jr. leases to the largest car dealer. On a brand new Mercedes SUV, the son moves comfortably both in Moscow and in his small homeland.

Separately, it is worth noting A. Grinev's cousin, Svetlana, who is married to Alexander Podstavkin. In addition to the fact that she closed Pianova C.The. eyes on everything that is happening, slipping him, as the chief accountant of a collective farm, to sign another fake statements, Svetlana attracted subordinate accountants to participate in the "scheme" of embezzlement, by coincidence the wives of "small" collective farm managers - O. Kiselev, E. Bebeshko, Zelenin N., Gavrilov O. The latter, being inspectors at the weighing companies during the harvesting season, at first "closed" their eyes to the "unaccounted for", and later, having gotten a taste, already indicated to the weighing workers about the amount of the crop that needed to be stolen. Svetlana herself, apparently deprived of the attention of her husband, who was fixated on collecting motorcycles and mopeds, built a guest house on the Black Sea coast, the approximate cost of which is at least 150 million rubles, where she regularly puts things in order without the second half.

Александр Гринев

During the leadership of Brigade No. 11 A. Grinev amassed a huge fortune. Too much was enough for a childhood dream - to be successful among women, whom he also, apparently without differentiating, bought as the Podstavkins, Barilchenko, Kiselevs, Zelenins, Gavrilovs and others. Moreover, Alexander could "spud" and "fertilize" both the employees of the district administration and the cook from the collective farm brigade.

To "go out" in the city of Stavropol A. Grinev had two kept women, whom he bought apartments in the elite housing complexes of the regional capital - "Alexandrovsky Park" and "Europark".

Lust for power and self-affirmation

Years took over S.V. Pyanov. your own. Sergei Viktorovich was no longer so energetic, proactive, lagging behind modern trends in the development of agriculture. He himself understood this, was preparing a successor - Sasha Grinev. Completely and infinitely trusted him, covered him, loved him like a father.

For several years Alexander has been waiting for the day when Sergei Viktorovich, who has become his second father, will leave the "throne", and he, Aleksandr Viktorovich Grinev, will show everyone that he is now the master. Days, weeks, months of waiting dragged on with treacherous intolerance. Patience was running out. The nastiest of Alexander's complexes had yet to be defeated.

The thirst for power trampled everything human that Grinev A. had in exchange for honor, loyalty and promise, love for his small homeland.

Alexander decided that he was now the arbiter of destinies, that he could replay time and win in the struggle for power over the collective farm.

The revolution

Any revolution takes a lot of money. And by 2018, A. Grinev had accumulated them in a huge amount.

The naive Podstavkins, Barilchenko, Kiselevs, Zelenins, Gavrilovs and others thought that the gifts they received from Alexander Grinev were nothing more than a part of what was "legally" owed to them from those plundered on the collective farm. Without noticing it, they became indebted to A.

Unfortunately, Alexander thought otherwise.

From the Podstavkins and Kostrovs who were related to him, the Aseevs, Kiselevs, Zelenins, Gavrilovs, Bebeshko and others, who were related to him, for two years he created a powerful opposition to the current government, weaved a conspiracy against his second father.

Alexander's lack of courage continued to exist. How else to call the wild fear of nominating oneself for the next election of the collective farm chairman while S.V. Pyanov is still alive?

A. Grinev did not spare the money for the "werewolves in uniform", he promised them tens of millions of rubles for a guarantee that S.V. Pyanov would not appear. for the next election of the chairman.

A. Grinev's plan was implemented in February 2021 by the hands of the drug police, who did not allow S.V. Pyanov to participate. in the elections, as well as by the hands of the Podstavkins, Aseevs, Kiselevs, Zelenins, Gavrilovs, Bebeshko and others, who quickly, like in the absence of an alternative, organized the villagers to vote for A. Grinev as the new chairman.

Something went wrong

The Podstavkins, Aseevs, Kiselevs, Zelenins, Gavrilovs, Bebeshko and the rest were rubbing their hands. Now they did not need to hide from anyone in order to plunder the good of the collective farm and provide their children and grandchildren with a comfortable existence for decades.

Ordinary collective farm workers and residents of the village were daily put into their heads information about the bright future, which one - no one could understand.

And it had to happen that on the previously led by A.V. Grinev. To the "shock" Brigade No. 11, law enforcement officers discovered unaccounted for products, which the "conspirators" did not manage to sell secretly from the collective farmers.

“How can this be? Yes, to Alexander Viktorovich? Yes, no way ”- only ordinary collective farm workers and residents of the village could say this. But not the Podstavkins, Aseevs, Kiselevs, Zelenins, Gavrilovs, Bebeshko, who in recent years have been “fed” on collective farm property.

But the most painful for Grinev A.V. it was not his imprisonment on charges of embezzling collective farm property, but the decision of the Arbitration Court that he was not the chairman of the collective farm.

The best defense is offense

Into the battle with the courts, law enforcement agencies and opponent Pyanov S.V. all forces and means were thrown.

In the yellow press, youtube and telegram channels, "stuffing" of information, videos, articles about the fabrication of the criminal case against A.V. Grinev, the raider seizure of the collective farm by S.V. Pyanov's supporters began on a regular basis.

Людмила Леонтьева

An old friend of Alexander Viktorovich - Lyudmila Leontyeva, who had been on a hunger ration since the payment of the last articles for the Arashukov clan, began with proletarian hatred to churn out articles in her newspaper "Open" extolling A.V. Grinev to the level of heaven, not forgetting to throw mud at the same time Pyanova S.V., judicial and law enforcement agencies. She did it, of course, not for free. The rate of publication of one such article in her newspaper established by L. Leontyeva is 100,000 rubles. "Open" is especially popular in Art. Grigoropolis, where the villagers, who do not fully understand what is happening, are waiting for the next issue of the newspaper as once the next series of the Brazilian TV series.

Рауль Арашуков

The Novaya Aleksandrovsk Cossacks, who were wiping their trousers, headed by Ataman Sergei Popov, who, not free of charge, regularly release videos in support of A.V. Grinev, also came to the spot. and his "teams". Taking advantage of the situation, S. Popov, secretly from the Cossacks, blackmails the authorities of the Stavropol Territory, knocking out a "warm" place for himself in the civil service in the regional capital.

For the plundered Podstavkin, Aseev, Kiselev, Zelenin, Gavrilov, Bebeshko and Grinev A.V. funds for the protection of those under investigation from the capital were attracted by two law firms and two dozen “lawyers” of the local spill were hired.

Thus, a “business woman” attracted from the capital, a lawyer, a lawyer, etc. etc. Olga Khalikova positions herself as a regular visitor to the offices of state leaders, apparently, this explains her tariff of 5 million rubles to begin with and another 1 million rubles a month.

Ольга Халикова

Lawyer V. Feoktistov, unknown to anyone in Moscow, on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the post-Soviet space, in order to somehow account to the customer for the 10 million rubles paid to him, attracted a whole team of screenwriters, directors, cameramen and spectators who iconized the image Grineva A.V. in the fabricated and deceitful video posted on the Internet, "Capture of the collective farm Russia", which mixed with mud the entire law enforcement and judicial system. Obviously, the lawyer V. Feoktistov was not taught exactly how to protect the client within the framework of the criminal process.

Феоктистов В.

According to approximate estimates for the payment of the services of lawyers Podstavkin, Aseev, Kiselev, Zelenin, Gavrilov, Bebeshko and Grinev A.The. already spent about 50 million rubles.

However, not three dozen lawyers and tens of millions spent on their services help Grinev A.The. achieve your "truth".

Hidden reserves in the form of "black PR" have been thrown into the battle. So, long before the celebration of the "Day of the police" Grinev A.The. "Awarded" the employees of the investigative unit, with whom it is impossible to agree, with far-fetched real estate, non-existent cars and extramarital affairs, which I did not forget to mention in the yellow press. Obsessed with a thirst for power, Alexander Viktorovich, in search of imaginary enemies and subjective truth, did not consider it shameful to attribute false accusations to the leaders and employees of law enforcement systems both at the local level and in Moscow.

Is the end in sight

As it seems to us in this story, the fate of A.V. Grinev. and his "associates" is practically a foregone conclusion and is moving towards its logical conclusion. In our state, cases of unjustified bringing of really innocent persons to responsibility established by law are extremely rare. Quite the opposite.

And of course the experience is calling out villagers, who, as in the well-known epic novel by M. Sholokhov, Virgin Soil Upturned, will stand at a crossroads, and when they have made their choice, there will be nothing to return to.


Expect details and resolution of the events described.

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin