Source: continues to acquaint the reader with the “wiretaps” from the archive of Boris Berezovsky. Today we will bring to your attention a very interesting conversation - Berezovsky and then head of the presidential administration Valentin Yumashev. They are discussing the signing of a peace treaty with Chechnya.

The record published by begins with Boris Berezovsky informing Yumashev that Gonchar had called him and he was leaving for Minsk. “Maybe he can talk clearly with whom?”, Berezovsky is interested. “Impossible,” Yumashev categorically, thinking that we are talking about Yeltsin. But Berezovsky is recovering that this is not about the president, but his daughter Tatyana Dyachenko. “Let’s talk first with Tanya, although she has idiosyncrasy on him,” Yumashev notes. As a result, they decide that Gonchar will contact Yumashev and he will already decide what to do next. Then Berezovsky complains: “I am in a bad mood, because I am for ... and (got) with all these matters and all this press. I don’t pay attention anymore, agencies are simply breaking up. The New York Times, Echo of Moscow, Reuters. I just don’t know what to do .. ". “Do not give interviews,” concisely Yumashev. “And I said so: Let's go all on ...!”, The oligarch claims.

Then Berezovsky goes on to discuss the situation in the Caucasus and talks about the planned signing of a peace agreement, which he discussed with Yumashev the day before. “Valya, we won’t do it. It will be very bad,” Berezovsky presses. (Indeed! Berezovsky prepared the points of this agreement together with Udugov and Maskhadov.)

Yumashev interrupts the oligarch with the question of whether he met with Kulikov. He says that it will be a courtesy visit. He complains that Chernomyrdin does not share his position and his views on the signing of an agreement with Chechnya. Berezovsky: “Valya, we are playing here with absolute fire. We must retreat here. 100 percent. We can’t stand it !!! You need to step back immediately. Immediately!!!. It is necessary to be consistent, since we have taken this step. Go till the end. You can’t show your idiocy. If we do this (we sign the contract, Rev.) We will show our strength, not weakness, ”Berezovsky presses.

Yumashev agrees. But Berezovsky continues to convince Yumashev, (Still, this is his main lobby with Yeltsin): “Otherwise everything will burn. Do not stop. They're all impotent, Val. Impotent or offended. They have bloodshot eyes. We must end with this. We were lucky. I got the idiot who signed this world. We need to be consistent. ” Make an appointment.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov