The chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Alexander Bastrykin instructed the central office of the department to conduct an official check of Anatoly Demin, deputy head of the Investigative Department of the TFR in the Stavropol Territory. Information about this is posted on the official website of the department. The reason for the check was publications of a "critical nature" in the media and social networks concerning the deputy head of the Stavropol Investigative Department of the TFR. We are talking about a series of publications on the VChK-OGPU telegram channel and on the website.

Сергей Демин

According to sources, A.S. Demin himself, who suddenly went on a long vacation for the verification period, cheerfully informs people from his circle that “with my capabilities, no one will dare to touch me, in a month or two, no one has anything and won't remember. "

For more than 10 years of work in the SK of Russia, Demin A.S. He served as a senior assistant and head of the department for his own security and, ironically, conducting official checks in the Stavropol Regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia. In this "responsible" area of ​​activity, he learned to filigreely collect rumors and gossip about subordinate employees, write slander to his superiors on his own leaders, dismiss unwanted employees on far-fetched grounds, and much more. However, he still hasn’t learned to distinguish criminal cases from inspection materials.

But at the same time, working for many years as the head of the department of his own security and official checks, he, of course, became friends with the same employees, only at the level of the central apparatus of the Investigative Committee of Russia, who continue to patronize the "gallant adventures" of AS Demin. on the career ladder.

In recent years, in relation to Demin A.S. several official checks were appointed and carried out, of which he, with the assistance of his "senior" comrades from the central apparatus of the Investigative Committee of Russia, repeatedly got out of the water.

With the annual declaration of income Demin A.S. a couple of years ago, he did not indicate in the relevant certificates that he and his family members had several cars, apparently got confused in their total number. We inform you that the property of Demin A.S. and his spouses are: BMW 530 M, Mercedes Sprinter, BMW X7, Porsche Cayenne - all 2019-2021 cars produced, according to the most conservative estimates, with a total value of more than 30 million rubles, which significantly exceeds the total income of A.S. Demin. and his wife - an entrepreneur who declares the minimum amount of profit (either not so successful in business, or tax officials should think about it). At the same time, we indicate only cars officially registered for the Demin couple, since they have much more vehicles in use.

It is noteworthy that these cars under the control of A.S. Demin. You can meet with the same state registration plate "U 002 OO 26 region", which he constantly rearranges on his cars, sometimes several times a week, without performing the corresponding registration actions, which does not quite correspond with the halo of a respectable minister he praises law.

Геннадий Демин

If the inspectors from the central office of the Investigative Committee of Russia check the indicated registration plates using the Potok system, they will see A.S. Demin smiling in the frame. behind the wheel of a Porsche, in a week he will wink at the wheel of a BMW, and lastly he will wave his hand from a Mercedes car. What is not a reason to bring the presumptuous and slightly matured representative of the "golden youth" to administrative responsibility, hiding behind the merits of his father.

In one of the declarations, Demin A.S. did not indicate information on open settlement accounts in banks, it is even more difficult here, after all, you can really forget in which particular bank you keep your savings received as gratitude for your "military achievements" in resolving issues on the initiation or termination of criminal cases about which we have repeatedly wrote.

Anyone connected with the civil service knows that there is only one scenario for such violations - immediate dismissal. But the personnel department of the Central Asia IC of Russia considered that such a valuable employee could still benefit the investigating authorities and limited themselves to a warning.

According to a source, the HR department of the IC of Russia has also turned a blind eye to such a blatant fact for more than two years, which is not available in any investigative department of Russia. Demin A.S., as the deputy head of the investigation department, is directly subordinate to his cousin, the head of the investigative department for the city of Georgievsk, Demin Sergey Gennadievich, and Demin's father S.G. (respectively, the uncle of Demin A.S.) - Demin Gennady Anatolyevich has been holding the post of chairman of the court since 2015

Ki slovodsk, Stavropol Territory. This is a direct violation of the anti-corruption legislation on civil service, but the personnel department of the Investigative Committee of Russia is not at all afraid.

We suggest that the employees of the Central Asia Investigative Committee of Russia also pay attention to the living conditions of such a valuable employee of the investigative bodies, which not every civil servant can afford. Apparently for representatives of the law enforcement agencies of the Stavropol Territory it is bad form to have a dwelling with an area of ​​less than 500 sq. M.

Recreation places Demina A.S. impressive - the most expensive resort on the Black Sea coast "Mria resort & spa" on the southern coast of the Republic of Crimea, where the price of living in the summer season is exorbitant. But Demin A.S. allowed to book a week-long vacation in a hotel in the summer of 2020 during the period of the KVN games there, when the price per room per day was more than 250,000 rubles. On a week's rest in the specified hotel with his wife Demin A.S. by the most conservative estimates, he had to spend more than half of his annual salary.

Demin A.S. For many years he was a subordinate and confidant of the former head of the Investigation Department for the Stavropol Territory Dubrovin S.V., whose drinking videos with the Arashukovs were recently published by the VChK-OGPU telegram channel. Demin A.S. was a regular at friendly gatherings of this honest company, including repeatedly visiting a secluded resting place for people from the Arashukov clan - the Adiyukh Palace hotel complex in a. Khabez of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. For many years, the so-called service Demin A.S. lobbied covertly and explicitly the interests of both the Arashukovs themselves and those around them.

However, there were also official checks, according to the results of which Demin A.S. was brought to a well-deserved disciplinary responsibility. All of them were carried out under the personal control of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, and therefore there remains a small, but nevertheless, hope that the current official check will not be “buried” in the departments of the central apparatus of the Investigative Committee of Russia, as has happened several times before.

Demin A.S. there are many patrons in the central office of the Investigative Committee of Russia and and the VChK-OGPU are beginning to take off their masks.

So, recently, Ekaterina Valerievna Danilova has been appointed the head of the Information Center of the Investigative Committee of Russia. The Information Center is a kind of headquarters of the Investigative Committee of Russia, which receives complaints, appeals, special reports around the clock, where they are processed and sent for execution to responsible employees. According to our information, all complaints received by the Information Center of the Investigative Committee of Russia against Demin A.S. and other information that reasonably compromises him simply remains with E.V. Danilova. without registration and further movement.

How can you explain such zeal of E.V. Danilova? on lobbying the interests of Demin A.S.? The answer is quite simple - E.V. Danilova. a native of the Tambov region, where the former head of the Investigation Department for the Stavropol Territory Dubrovin S.V., who held the post of prosecutor of the Sosnovsky district of the Tambov region for many years, comes from. Danilova E.V. at the same time was an assistant to the prosecutor - Dubrovina C.The. When appointing Dubrovin S.The. the head of the investigation in the Stavropol Territory Danilova E.V. followed him and was responsible in the regional investigation department for interaction with the media. In 2008, our hero, A.S. Demin, came to work in the Investigation Department, who became close friends with E.V. Danilova. and does not break off relations with her even after the latter moved to Moscow. To date, the information center is formed by almost one hundred percent of the employees who previously worked in the investigation department in the Stavropol Territory, thus to hope for the objectivity of their processing of incoming information about the "corruption" adventures of AS Demin. not necessary.

Masks from the staff of the personnel department of the IC of Russia and the department of procedural control, covering Demina A.S. in his "dirty" deeds, we will continue to shoot in future publications. At the same time, our reader will learn not only their names and positions, but also the places of their meetings with AS Demin, joint recreation, sponsors of their joint pastime, discussed and subsequently "closed" questions of the latter.

It should be noted that recently these personal meetings have become much more, probably due to our active work to expose corrupt officials in the system of the Investigative Committee of Russia, as indicated in the official press release of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

P.S. “For the employees who are entrusted with the verification of A.S. Demin. and with the hope of their decency and impartiality ":

We propose to check the facts of repeated arrivals of A.S.Demina. in Moscow recently and his personal visit to the units and officials of the Central Asia Investigative Committee of Russia, since the access system in your institution is working reliably. In addition, it will not be superfluous to check the repeated facts of visits in recent months to the Central Asia Investigative Committee of Russia by the father of A.S. Demin. - Deputy General Director for Security of Roscosmos, a native of the state security services Demina Sergey Anatolyevich, we are sure that he did not come to share the successes of Russian cosmonautics. Then, the trips and visits of Demin A.S. and Demina S.A. in the SK of Russia should be correlated with the dates of publication of our materials, after which the questions will disappear by themselves ...

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin