The Presnensky Court of Moscow sent top-level "fixer" Alexei Dobrynin under house arrest. He is a defendant in a fraud case against thief in law Vasily Khristoforov (Vasya Voskres). Within the framework of the same case, charges were brought against the well-known lawyer Alexander Vershinin and the ex-employee of the GUUR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladislav Shapovalov. According to the investigation, they all asked for money from the thief in law Vasya Voskres, promising him to make sure that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation did not give a go to materials that would allow Khristoforov to be attracted under Article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (leadership in the criminal community). Vershinin was taken by officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the money, Shapovoe a little later. And Dobrynin, whose close relative holds a responsible post in the SVR, disappeared. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, he did not leave the country and all this time he was negotiating the terms of surrender. We have at our disposal one of the variants of Dobrynin's position on this case. It follows from it that Shapovalov led everyone “into fornication”. Dobrynin himself and his friend Vershin only wanted to help Khristoforov. The first wanted to help Vasya Voskres, as an old acquaintance, and Vershinin - as his client. The position arranged, Dobrynin was provided with a confession and house arrest.

At the disposal of was Dobrynin's written position on the case, which we will present in several parts. Here is a retelling of Dobrynin's story.

Dobrynin was approached by Vlad Shapovalov, who was an operatic at the GUUR. I met him at one time, since he is the brother of my close friend Igor Arkhipov. Shapovalov asked to find a way out to the thief in law Vasily Khristoforov (Vasya Voskres), with whom Dobrynin was familiar. Shapovalov explained that he has material that indicates his criminal activity and may serve as a pretext for initiating a criminal case since Article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (leadership in a criminal community). Shapovalov promised that if it is possible to find a common language with Khristoforov, then Shapovalov and his former colleagues, acting employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, will be able to correct the situation and it will not have serious consequences. Having no phone number for Voskres, Dobrynin turned to an old acquaintance of lawyer Alexander Vershinin, who, among other things, represented the interests of Khristoforov. Dobrynin met with Vershinin at the Moscow City Court, where he was in the "Ablyazov case." Shapovalov also went with Dobrynin, who had discussed something with Druzhinin. Vershinin confirmed that he was in touch with Voskres and immediately called him. As a result, it was agreed that Shapovalov would prepare a certificate on the situation with the "thief in law" and it would be handed over to Khristoforov. At the exit from the Moscow City Court Vershinin handed over the telephone receiver to Dobrynin, and at the other end there was a “thief in law”. Voskres inquired about the details of the situation, asked where Shapovalov came from. Dobrynin explained that from the GUUR of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. We agreed that Shapovalov would hand over the certificate and Voskres would decide whether he was interested in the situation. According to Dobrynin, he did everything unselfishly and believed that this was his mission.

Soon Shapovalov handed over the promised certificate, and Dobrynin forwarded it to Vershinin. A few days later Vershinin said that the Tourist had studied the certificate and asked to meet with his representative. As it turned out, Vershinin called Khristoforov behind his back. Perhaps because the thief in law spent a significant part of his time outside the Russian Federation. Dobrynin refused to meet with the representative of Voskres. Sasha (Vershinin) also asked to find out the amount that Shapovalov wants to receive. According to Dobrynin, he was always trying to get out of the topic and make sure that Shapovalov and Vershinin act directly. But Shapovalov always attracted Dobrynin to negotiations.

As a result, the ex-employee of the GUUR named the amount of 300 thousand dollars, Dobrynin gave it to Vershinin, and he gave it to Voskres and his representative. The latter replied that they were satisfied with the conditions.

However, later Vershinin began to note the strangeness in this whole story. Khristoforov suddenly dropped out of communication with the lawyer, stopped answering his calls and messages. But the representative of the "thief in law", on the contrary, shows interest, all the time he asked the defense counsel for a meeting. Vershinin did not like this, he did not want to communicate with the person who had been identified as a "thief in law."

To be continued

Timofey Grishin