With the arrival of Umar Lutfulyev, aka the Kremlev, in boxing, everything in boxing has changed very much ... And it has changed in a very peculiar way. Now the lads are officially under the accreditation of the Boca Russian Federation (FBI) holding their events. For example, recently in Moscow, a tournament was held in memory of the repeatedly convicted leader of the organized criminal group, Oleg Korotaev (killed in the United States with a shot in the back of the head during a bandit showdown). The sponsor of the tournament was I. Bardin, the leader of the Lobno OPS, the criminal authority Pavlik and other no less "remarkable" persons.

In Tambov, for example, an FBI-accredited tournament named after Valery Ledovskikh, better known as "Baboon" from the Tambov OPS of St. Petersburg, is also held.

And so there were just a lot of moments, I think soon we can expect the Champion of Russia in memory of "Ded Hasan" or the tournament on Red Square named after Yaponchik.

The success story of Umar Kremlev, who became an extremely wealthy man in Russia, is full of secrets and paradoxes.

The Kremlin literally burst into the public field, successively heading first the Russian Boxing Federation, and then the International Boxing Association (AIBA), but very little is known about him. Sources fill in the blanks.

In Serpukhov, where the Kremlin spent his youth, saying about him that the future head of world boxing, who then bore the surname Lutfulloev, began his career in a local organized criminal group, managed to get convictions in 2004 and 2007 for extortion and beatings, and in 2014 he was in jail for a long time due to an armed conflict with police officers.

The Kremlin itself denies a criminal past, claiming that in his youth he was a boxer, and then immediately became a businessman in the field of taxi and construction.

Be that as it may, before switching to public work, the Kremlin chose to get rid of the old name Lutfulloyev.

Almost nothing is known about how the Kremlin, or an "authority", or a modest entrepreneur from the distant Moscow region, suddenly became the head of the Russian Boxing Federation in 2017, without being either an employee of the Federation or a performing athlete.

It is known, however, that in the same 2017, the Kremlin laid the foundation of his future sports empire - he established the Boxing Progress Center organization, where he became the sole owner.

Why did Kremlin, heading the Russian Boxing Federation, need to create a kind of backup in the form of the Boxing Progress Center?

Suppose the worst: did the Kremlin, using a high position, transfer lucrative assets and projects intended for the Federation to its “pocket” organization?

To check this version, let's see what is known about the work of the ANO Boxing Progress Center.

Sports complex in Moscow

One of the first projects of Umar Kremlev in his new position was the creation of the Boxing Progress Center training complex in Moscow (Kremenchugskaya st., 42, building 1).

According to the Public Cadastral Map, the complex is located on urban land (specially protected area, 77: 07: 0009006: 1696). Its facade is decorated with the emblems of the Russian Boxing Federation.

There is a complete feeling that the Federation is the owner of the complex, and the modest price tags "from 700 rubles training" are designed to support boxing in Russia.

However, there is reason to believe that this entire complex is in the possession of Umar Kremlev, and the proceeds from his work do not go to the Boxing Federation.

It is important to make a reservation that, oddly enough, according to the Rosreestr database, a building with such an address does not exist at all (, and therefore it is impossible to verify its owner and find out the history of construction.

But there are at least three signs that the building belongs to Umar Kremlev:

• firstly, the previously existing site of the ANO Boxing Progress Center ( directly indicated this complex as its own, which the Internet archive remembers;

• secondly, according to the register of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation, in 2022 a fire safety check is planned in this building (Moscow, Kremenchugskaya st., 42, building 1), and the inspected person is declared to be ANO Boxing Progress Center;

• thirdly, according to the materials of the Moscow City Court, ANO Boxing Progress Center is currently appealing the fine imposed on it for the use of a land plot owned by the city in violation of the established requirements (part 1 of article 6.11 of ZGM No. 45); it is very likely that we are talking about a land plot under the building of the Center for Boxing Progress complex.


The Boxing Progress Center has a fairly popular instagram with 34 thousand subscribers (, it has a lot of advertising information, a detailed price list for services, but you can't find information about the owner of the sports complex there ; for some reason, this secret is carefully hidden.

If the complex really belongs to the Kremlin, then sources have reasonable questions about how the specially protected urban land was obtained for its construction, as well as who and by what this construction led.


Government Sports Lotteries

On August 29, 2019, the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation N 1921-r was adopted. It provides for the holding of All-Russian state lotteries in support of the development of boxing for 15 years.

LLC "Sports Lotteries", INN 5003133760 was appointed as the operator of the lotteries. The VTB Group was the official partner.

It would be reasonable to assume that the owner of Sports Lotteries LLC is the Russian Boxing Federation - after all, who, if not it, should be the beneficiary of the lotteries that the Russian Government has intended to support domestic boxing.

But from the information of the register of the tax service it follows that 99% of the authorized capital of LLC "Sports Lotteries" belongs to the ANO "Boxing Progress Center", i.e. in fact, personally to Umar Kremlev.

Lotteries intended for the development of Russian boxing somehow imperceptibly spilled over into the possession of the Kremlin.

Maybe he really spends the profit from them on the development of boxing, and maybe on his favorite hobby in the form of donating luxury cars to friends and acquaintances - legally he is the owner and decides what to do with the money that the Russian government seems to have sent to somewhat different goals.

Apparently, the Kremlin's lottery business turned out to be so successful that it recently reached a fundamentally new level.

Non-profit organization Mobile Card, which since September 1, 2021, has been a single accounting center for the transfer of bets between bookmakers and sweepstakes, will be a joint venture between the Boxing Progress Center and VTB Bank.

In fact, the entire multibillion-dollar bookmaker market is under the control of Umar Kremlev on an unbeatable basis, and, under the pretext of developing sports, the money again goes into a specific private pocket.

Kremlin and the Shestun case

Александр Шестун

Despite numerous worries in boxing, the Kremlin has never forgotten Serpukhov, his small homeland.

When the criminal case against Alexander Shestun was thundered here, a local businessman Roman Kirik was one of the main witnesses for the prosecution. According to sources, during interrogation, Kirik said that his business belongs to Shestun, and he is only a nominal owner; this served as the basis for accusing Shestun of illegal business activity.

However, it turned out that the main asset of Kirik - LLC "Udacha" (TIN 7702573005), on which seven large land plots are registered on the banks of the Oka River, mysteriously changed the owner after the initiation of a criminal case.

The new owner of LLC “Udacha”, and hence of the land plots, became the same ANO “Center for Boxing Progress”.

How these assets were taken away from under the nose of the investigation and why they ended up in the hands of the Kremlin remains a mystery.

Sources believe that OOO Udacha is actively used by the Kremlin to cash out money withdrawn from his non-profit boxing organization. Due to banking secrecy, the reliability of this information cannot be verified in open sources.

Be that as it may, appetite comes with eating - what are seven "successful" land plots if the Shestun case includes a much more interesting object, the Drakino Park tourist complex, worth 1.5 billion rubles.

This complex, withdrawn in favor of the state, attracted many views - after all, one of the best tourist sites in the Moscow region. The Federal Property Management Agency promised to sell the park at auction, with the proceeds of the maximum possible profit for the budget.

But unexpectedly, on June 29, 2021, the Federal Property Management Agency transferred the Drakino Park, as well as the nearby beach and a number of land plots to the ANO Boxing Progress Center of Umar Kremlyov, without bidding.

The decision to abandon the bidding was justified by the fact that the Kremlin would use the property for non-profit social activities.

However, as the prosecutor's check showed, in two weeks the Boxing Progress Center transferred Park Drakino to a sublease to the limited liability companies Gastrodom and Olympian, and now the usual commercial work of restaurants and hotels is going on there.

In what happened, the scheme of deftly obtaining federal property to the detriment of the budget and bypassing the obligatory requirement to hold auctions is so frankly visible that it is unlikely that anyone other than Kremlin could get away with it.

Against this background, the statements of the previous tenants of the park submitted to the police about the theft of furniture and equipment by the Kremlin for more than 50 million rubles, and the fact that “in pursuit” to the Kremlin park, received the city hotel “Ikar”, worth 73 million rubles, formally for the same development of boxing.



Umar Kremlev, no doubt, skillfully positions himself as a talented sports functionary, and perhaps that is why his suspicious personal enrichment remains without the attention of the state.

After all, Russia has a very modest representation in the management ranks of global sports organizations, and here is the whole head of the International Boxing Association.

But if you look at it, then this association at the time of Ania Kremlyova was drowning in debt and was deprived of the right to participate in the Olympic Games, i.e. had nothing but a name.

They say that the Kremlin managed to pay off the debts, but he did it not at the expense of the assets of his non-profit empire, but with the money of the state-owned company Gazprom, which became the general sponsor of the association.

Undoubtedly, international partners will gratefully accept Russian money, and after that they will take a closer look at the inconvenient president of the Kremlin, who has neither a professional boxing past, nor a clear explanation of the sources of income and gaps in his biography.

I would like, however, that the outstanding commercial successes of Umar Kremlev, achieved under the guise of the development of sports, receive their well-deserved appreciation, first of all, in Russia.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov