Film producer Arthur Astvatsatryan hurriedly left Russia at the beginning of the pandemic. This is not due to the fact that he found the best places to wait for the end of the coronavirus. According to investigators, the producer and screenwriter of the thrillers “Separation” and “Fear Switch” is a criminal “authority”. Together with the “thief in law” Gocha Antipov (Alfason), he participated in extorting money from the “authoritative” businessman Valery Chabanov, who is now in jail. It is with this investigation that the flight of Arthur Astvatsatryan is connected. Details are in the joint investigation of, the telegram channels of the Cheka-OGPU and The Crime Planet.

According to sources, Gocha Antipov is accused of extortion from Valery Chabanov. Moreover, earlier, they were friends and even accomplices. Both were part of the bloody group of Dmitry Lesnyakov Les). Alfason was the curator of the gang of thieves in law. And Chabanov was an OPG financier. For this, in fact, he is now behind bars. Gotche Antipov luckier. He is wanted, but free. And now Alfason is making attempts to seize Chabanov’s assets, including a hotel in Thailand and other real estate. At the moment, Valery Chabanov is in the pre-trial detention center of the city of Moscow, and the influence of “thief in law” Alfason has no boundaries, he can get through to any pre-trial detention center. Using this opportunity, according to our sources, he calls directly to the pre-trial detention center, where Valery Chabanov is located and threatens him with death by phone. Gocha Antipov also throws runs in Moscow and Rostov pre-trial detention centers (letters to prisoners demanding thieves) against Valery Chabanov, demanding that the prisoners there beat him to death. The thief in law wants to cope for failure to fulfill the requirements. Alfason wants Valery Chabanov to rewrite the shares of his hotel in Thailand. There is another reason for resentment. Chabanov wrote a statement to the police against Alfason and his assistants from the Rostov organized criminal group, including thief in law Arthur Atabekyan, who is currently serving his sentence in the Tver region. The authoritative producer Arthur Astvatsatrian is also indicated in the statement. The latter actively led a glamorous life, attended fashion parties, and produced films. At the same time, Arthur was the Rostov criminal authority. Astvatsatryan Arthur Slavikovich because of these events is forced to hide outside the Russian Federation, like most other members of the organized crime group. They all phoned Chebanov, threatened, extorted real estate in Rostov, Moscow, Sochi and a hotel in Thailand.

Realizing that Valery Chabanov Valery was firmly on his own and refuses to comply with the ransomware demand, the “thief in law” Gocha Antipov and his henchmen phoned Valeriy Chabanov’s cellmates and demanded that he be beaten to death. Alfason also calls him a “watchman” in prison and demands actions, threats and assistance from them in implementing his plans to capture Valery Chabanov’s invisibility.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov