Earlier, already said that for a long time, the deputy head of the department, Evgeny Biryukov, was the main off-budget treasurer of the FSB in the Tula region. Now he is the head of the security department of ShchekinoAzot LLC.

After Evgeny Biryukov retired, Vladimir Yuryevich Gushchin, the best student and right hand in extra-budgetary funding, became the "gray cardinal" of the department.

Vladimir Gushchin began his brilliant career in the state security organs under the wing of Yevgeny Biryukov, in the economic security department.

Then, having proved his loyalty by deeds, he was sent to his own security group. The internal security group (GSB) of the FSB in the Tula region, due to the total secrecy of its activities and direct subordination to the management leadership, was used for interesting cases under the guise of operational combinations and developments. The autonomous mode of the unit's work made it possible to do everything, anything - from showdowns with objectionable or too intractable employees of the department, to outright assistance to businessmen.

So, for example, precisely because of a number of high-profile scandals related to raiding, the previous head of the State Security Service, and another "mentor" of Vladimir Gushchin, Andrei Zashchepin, was forced to transfer to the Belgorod region.

This made it possible for Gushchin to rise to a new step in his career ladder.

According to a source, Zashchepin, just like Gushchin, was a creature of Yevgeny Biryukov, who covered him more than once in various stories. But after, during a series of conflicts over the redistribution of property, several crime bosses who were agents of the State Security Service decided to get rid of Zashchepin. Painfully dark deeds could float to the surface.

Gushchin was appointed the head of the GSB. Having taken on a new responsible position, Vladimir Yuryevich Gushchin grew and matured. At one time, he even came up with the idea of ​​recruiting a couple of authorities himself in order to twist combinations known among law enforcement officers as a "monkey".

However, those who successfully survived the "roaring 90s" and survived the authorities, remembering the fate of the previous agents of the administration, prudently avoided working with an enterprising security officer. They say that for his height, slight plumpness and gushing with criminal ideas, Gushchin in certain circles received the affectionate nickname "Carlson".

But not a single "Carlson" can exist without his friend "Kid", with whose hands you can carry buns from the housekeeper. Gushchin also created a loyal drop for himself, completely indebted to him for his career. This drop was a young operative Roman Morgunov, now the head of the department for counterintelligence support for industry and transport.

Morgunov, like Gushchin, started out in the economic security department, where he "served" the Tula administration. There, duty and common interests brought Roman Vladimirovich together with the already experienced schematist Sergei Evgenievich Kitanin.

After a while, mutually beneficial cooperation arose between him. Morgunov covered his eyes to what Kitanin and his common-law wife Irina Zlobina were doing.

As the source of believes, it was along this chain that an order was duplicated for the mayor of Tula, Alexander Prokopuk, who headed the municipal state enterprise Spetsavtokhozyaistvo, which was extremely interested in Kitanin and Gusev. In addition, this order was negotiated with the management of the head of the Tula region government, Yuri Andrianov, and the deputy governor, Alexander Sorokin, who was previously the deputy head of the FSB Directorate for the Tula Region.

In addition to cleaning the city, PCR "Spetsavtokhozistvo" was also engaged in the collection and disposal of garbage, for which the governor Gruzdev and the chairman of the regional government Andrianov also had their own plans.



Also, the deal to exchange the tram depot for the stadium did not pass by the tenacious eyes and unclean hands of the Chekist Morgunov.

Didn't the own security unit of the FSB department for the Tula region know about this?

Of course she knew.

The thing is that at the dawn of his career, Morgunov became Gushchin's informant about his colleagues. Therefore, he did not hesitate to discuss with his senior comrade all interesting proposals from businessmen with complete confidence. It is clear that Gushchin was also not the last resort and went for the final blessing to the deputy head of the department, Yevgeny Biryukov.

Biryukov himself had a reliable cover in the Control Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation in the person of the former head of the FSB Directorate for the Tula Region, General Viktor Bakutkin. So that they seemed to have nothing to fear.

Subsequently, for his out-of-service zeal, Roman Morgunov was transferred to his own security group, where he also fulfilled more than one lucrative assignment of his old friends. And after Gushchin left for the personnel department, he became the head of the group.

It is quite simple to prove all of the above. Personal phone number "Roma Morgunov" can be easily found in l Personal contacts of Sergei Kitanin:

And to confirm the fact that Roman Morgunov's well-being has gone up sharply after meeting Sergei Kitanin, Roman Vladimirovich's profile on Avito, tied to his phone number, will help.

In 2014 - 2016, Roman Vladimirovich suddenly began to change cars like gloves. And since Roman Morgunov is a thoughtful and economical person, the state number on these cars, so as not to pay fines, was a secret replacement number belonging to ... the FSB Directorate for the Tula Region.

Which, by the way, is strictly prohibited by the corresponding order of the director of the FSB of Russia, Alexander Bortnikov.

In addition, Roman Vladimirovich built a wonderful two-story house in one of the elite districts of Tula, worth three dozen of his annual salaries.

And this is the income of the lowest level of the food chain of the Tula “law enforcement officers”.

And those who are taller have acquired real estate outside the borders of our Motherland.

But that's a completely different story.

To be continued

Roman Trushkin