One of the central topics of the current news agenda: the upcoming referendum in the Kherson region on the entry of the region into the Russian Federation. Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the military-civilian administration of the region, recently told reporters that it would be held. “We were left without legislative power, so we created a public council, which represents the representatives of the people, and they will already make some intermediate decisions. I think that this will most likely be a referendum that will be held on the territory of the Kherson region for self-determination of the Kherson region. And the next stage will be elections, which we will hold directly on the territory of the liberated Kherson region ... There is a lot of work for people to make their choice in favor of something good, bright.”

So, in terms of elections... Already, there has been talk of possible candidates for the main regional posts. And although all these discussions so far fall under the definition of "rumors and gossip", some of them are frankly politically dangerous. And such "discussions", albeit based on fantasies, must be stopped.

Here is a topic that is now being discussed in the Krasnodar blogosphere: it is supposed to send the current mayor of Krasnodar Andrey Alekseenko to Kherson to create “good and bright”. We sincerely hope that all this is nothing more than empty air shaking. Because the most suitable place for this person is still not the chair of the head, but a prison. hopes that this will be the end of the investigation currently being carried out in relation to Alekseenko's violent corruption activities by employees of the central office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.


 Directing Alekseenko to steer any territory is another “wise decision”. And to lead the liberated territory of a swindler, a criminal and a bribe-taker is no longer in any way. The Investigative Committee of Russia continues to work on the criminal case of Andrei Anatolyevich. And if someone's empowered imagination draws such a personnel twist, just recall some of the bright criminal moments of the glorious biography of the current leader of the Kuban capital.

For a long time, Alekseenko lived a quiet, corrupt life, making his fortune in any direction of bureaucratic work entrusted to him. Everything was forgiven him: statements like "United Russia is dead, it doesn't exist." Organized provocations against objectionable journalists, when, after hacking from “friendly” computers with a London ID, “terrorist” paragraphs were added to old, completely neutral notes, which the “duty grandfather” paid attention to in his denunciations to the police. Saying goodbye to his main activity in the rank of first vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory: namely, a well-organized system of offerings-kickbacks.

A glimmer of justice happened on December 22, 2021. The reason for starting a criminal case on Alekseenkov's scale is small - a bribe in the form of an expensive Italian gun from developers. Such a “little thing” the eskashniks, especially not from the Kuban, but from the federals (employees of the central apparatus of the Investigative Committee immediately took over the case), could be promoted in a month. But since the investigation has been going on for half a year, and there is no end in sight, it can be assumed that the Italian bribery gun is just a small clue to unravel the corruption tangle with a diameter of a kilometer, coiled by Alekseenko over the years of his work at various Kuban administrative posts. And the result of this work should be simple: the thief should be in prison, and not lead something there, develop, and equip regional or municipal happiness.


Today, in general, to consider the bureaucracy of the Krasnodar Territory as a personnel reserve for building any, even a meager part, of a bright Russian future, the idea is not only controversial, but harmful. Unless the country decides to develop bribery, with a bias towards unconventionality, then of course: the Kuban is simply a treasure trove here.

The "bright" life of the Kuban administrative regiment only at first glance seems inexplicable from the point of view of normal human logic. Endless speeches from the stands with colorful descriptions of the indispensable future, which for all the seven years of the rule of Governor Kondratiev, none of the promised “breakthroughs” has ever come. And at the same time, incredible, simply the same, transcendental even by average Russian standards, corruption. Large-scale cuts in the budget and kickbacks for organizing victories in tenders for lucrative government contracts for trusted "business representatives". Land dealings. Extraction of profitable business from "non-friends" for "friends". Administrative appointment in the form of "elections" (with millions of stuffed "left" ballots) of the necessary deputies, municipal heads, among whom there are many outright swindlers and even criminals, with unexpunged convictions. However, this Kuban picture is incomprehensible, from the point of view of what is jokingly called "people's interests" from the stands, but if you say the heads for the southern officials the word "loot", everything is lined up in a completely logical bureaucratic scheme.

The current mayor of Krasnodar Andrey Alekseenko lives on it. Using our own information and partly data from open sources, let's recall the stages of the great criminal-corruption path of this figure.


What characterized Alekseenko from his youth? Disregard for other people's lives.


The fact that officials do not take people with a criminal record, it would seem, is a fact that does not require explanation. But for some reason, the Kuban administrative personnel officers did not pay attention to Andrey Alekseenko's rich criminal past. And all right, they could “make a mistake and overlook” in the Tuapse district, where Andrei Anatolyevich, having worked for 8 years, eventually rose to the rank of first deputy head of the municipality. But when Kondratyev called him under his governor's flag, the personnel officers of the regional administration, who usually study the biographies of applicants “under a magnifying glass”, could find out that a candidate with an outstanding criminal record is climbing into the chair.

In 2000, by the verdict of the Volgograd garrison court Alekseenko A.A. was found guilty under paragraphs "a" and "b" h. 2, Art. 163 (Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. “Extortion”, part 2. And on points “a” - “c”, part 2, article 335 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Violation of the statutory rules of relations between military personnel in the absence of subordination relations between them, associated with humiliation of honor and dignity or mockery of the victim or associated with violence”…

What was the verdict about? The extortion of daily allowance from conscript soldiers by Alekseenko was already revealed during the analysis of another crime. "Healthy forehead" Alekseenko (a former boxer who still loves to "beat a pear"), in the course of drinking with friends, desired lamb for a snack. A conscript soldier was ordered to get a ram in a neighboring village. Which criminal, thieves' order refused to carry out. In winter, the most suitable item to convince the soldier of the need to fulfill a whim for Alekseenko was a snow shovel. Whoever served knows that such army shovels are not at all a lightweight plastic device from the current households. It will be harder. The beating continued even after the plywood, iron-bound, product broke on the soldier's ribs. Alekseenko continued to beat with the handle. About the ram, of course, was no longer discussed. Breaking ribs for my own pleasure. When the demonstrative beating was completed, the beaten soldier was simply forced to turn to the medical unit. The doctors reported the hazing to the commander, who was in charge. In the course of the proceedings, extortion also surfaced (Let's take as a starting point for the corruption career of a “prominent Kuban politician” 60 rubles of extorted daily allowance from a soldier - the level of Alekseenko’s first corruption crime). The verdict of the Volgograd garrison court: to appoint Alekseenko A.A. punishment in the form of 2 years of imprisonment.

Let's also remember that time - the first years of the 2000s. The beginning of the second Chechen war. Practically all units based in the south of the country sooner or later found themselves in combat areas. And those very conscripts - soldiers, who at that time had not even taken the oath, were beaten by contract soldier Alekseenko with the same loose sidekicks to broken ribs. Colleagues, who knew the attitude of the penal battalion officer Alekseenko to those whom he considers below him, were very surprised when suddenly the "Andreev star" began to rise in the Kuban bureaucratic firmament.

Now it turns out that while climbing into power, Alekseenko hid the fact of a criminal spot in his biography from the Tuapse municipal personnel officers. He was not frank when he was invited to the region. Lying for a career is the Kuban norm under Kondratiev.

Alekseenko quickly became a part of a much larger corruption wing.


Love for cuts


In the Kuban, any corruption is denounced in the form of an initiative that is extremely necessary for the people. No matter what noble undertaking for the people the regional leadership, headed by the tongue-tied governor, triesndel from the rostrum, it is clear that everything will end with the implementation of a grandiose corruption scheme.

Alekseenko's work on this part is a vivid confirmation of this axiom. One example of such a “nobility of the Tuapse period” of Andrei Anatolyevich is the sawing of the lands of the trade union sanatorium “Shepsi” in the Tuapse district. Which Alekseenko was able to implement in collaboration with the head of the trade union health resort Elena Kustova, the closest associate of the disgraced Khodorkovsky.

The scheme was based on "concern" ... about the elimination of the acute shortage of kindergarten places in the region.

In 2015, the then deputy head of the Tuapse district, Andrey Alekseenko, signed a document that moms needed so much, related to ... the elimination of this deficit. Under the new modern kindergarten in the village. Shepsi was allocated a piece of land of 47 hectares, which was previously administered by the trade union health resort. The purpose of the site was also changed. New target: "construction of a children's about the garden” and “construction of the boarding house “Shepsi”.

Quote from the resolution of the administration of the municipality Tuapse district "On the provision of CJSC" Boarding house "Shepsi" in the lease of land."

“The state act on the right to use land A-1 No. 180480 granted the boarding house Shepsi of the Krasnodar Territorial Council for the Management of Resorts of Trade Unions of the Krasnodar Territory and unlimited and free use of 47.20 hectares for the construction of the Shepsi p / o and a kindergarten. The formed land plot was put on the state cadastral register with the cadastral number 23.33.0000000.86.

But here's what's weird. The same document stated that “by dividing this land plot, land plots were formed that were put on state records with cadastral numbers: 23.33. 0204005:61, 23.33 0204005:64, etc.” There are 31 sites in total.





At the same time, for each demarcated site, the types of use were preserved: “construction of a kindergarten” and “construction of a boarding house “Shepsi”. The question that arises after such a division is: in Shepsi, are they going to build 31 kindergartens?

But then it got even more interesting. Pieces of land in a hectare and a half, were once again fragmented already into hundred square meters. And again, each site retained its intended purpose. Thus, in Shepsi, a village of 6.5 thousand inhabitants, according to the final documents, dozens of kindergartens were to be erected! Which, of course, no one was going to do. In Shepsi, no new kindergarten has yet appeared at all! Yes, and there was no such task. The purpose of the scam was different - to isolate from the land, which was under the jurisdiction of the trade unions, pieces that were profitable for sale. And implement them. What happened after the final survey.

In order not to forget yourself at the same time, the funds coming from the buyers-tenants were divided. "Ridiculous" 10-100 thousand rubles for the formed plot of several acres, new tenants officially paid to the cashier. Well, the difference (which amounted to half a million rubles per hundred square meters) was already carried to the organizers of the scheme by cash.

Information about the financial details of the scam began to emerge after many new tenants had to deal with yet another extortion scheme. Since the purpose of the land was "kindergarten", it turned out that the erected cafe-hotels were self-construction. In order to legalize them, it was proposed to pay again ... And also considerable sums. Another "rent" for many tenants who realized that they were drawn into the scheme of endless cash milking, tongues and untied. From this "frankness" it turned out that in reality the "black box office" of this scam only at the first stage was in reality - from 150 to 200 million rubles.

This scam is a clear commentary on another feature of Alekseenko: the ability to negotiate with law enforcement officers. After all, this land cut, even initially, was absolutely illegal. The fact is that the weary 47-hectare plot was in the possession of trade unions. It is in the possession - not in the property! In accordance with the (to this day relevant) Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of March 10, 1960 No. 335 “On the transfer of sanatoriums and rest houses to trade unions”, the trade union cannot be the owner of real estate, since the sanatoriums of the rest houses were transferred to it. In other words, an agreement on securing the rights to own, use and dispose of property is not a document establishing the right of ownership. And, therefore, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the FNPR did not have the right to “sell the real estate belonging to it on the right of economic possession, rent it out, give it as a pledge, make a contribution to the authorized (reserve) capital of economic companies and partnerships or otherwise way to manage."

And what about the Tuapse law enforcement officers? Never mind. Didn't even scratch. That, however, given Alekseenko's friendly relations with a number of Tuapse judges, their common "hunting" gatherings at the dacha of one of the friends near the village. Garden Tuapse district (on the Shaumyanovsky pass), probably, should not be surprising.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued