All Russian Railways contracts for hundreds of billions of rubles were under the control of the Rotenberg family. This was told by sources of This happened after they managed to get the company "R-Industry", previously owned by Vladimir Vasiliev. Kovplchuki was behind him, but they lost the battle for Russian Railways contracts. However, the loser did not remain. Aleksey Krapivin, who safely avoided landing in the case of Dmitry Zakharchenko, ex-employee of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, will steer the new asset.

According to sources at, the zeroing of the Russian Railways construction complex has begun; it is completely transferred to the family of Arkady Rotenberg. She already controls the largest contractor - GC "1520" - and now she has passed and the second largest contractor - "R-industry". Previously, it was owned by Vladimir Vasiliev, who was actively supported by Kovalchuk. “Vasiliev sold R-industry to Rotenbergs,” the source said. “Now it belongs to two denominations, but it is already managed by Rotenbergs.” According to the source, Vasiliev and Kovalchuk did not remain in the loser. In exchange, Arkady Rotenberg organized the Rus company (owned by Vasiliev) with very good contracts for large sums from other state customers, including through the “frill” line. Next week, Rotenberg’s initiative is due to return to its former CEO Lashkov.

To this we can add that now the issue of R-Indusstria’s entry into the new Roads and Bridges JSC, which is being separated from Mostotrest JSC, or the company’s entry into National Project Construction, is being considered. Rotenberg and VEB.RF structure

Taking into account the fact that at the beginning of 2020, SpetsCityStroy also entered the sphere of influence of the Rotenbergs and their permanent assistant for Russian Railways, Alexei Krapivin, the only independent players and old-timer were LLC Renaissance, controlled by Oleg Tony, Vice President of Russian Railways.

We look forward to when Alexander Plutnik, the creature of Shuvalov and VEB.RF, is finally there, to correctly evaluate the daughter of Russian Railways - OA Russian Railways and finally sell it. In 2008, they did not find anyone willing to 50% minus 2 shares. And now, after the trial at the zoo in Perm, it will become more possible.

GC "1520" also came under the control of the Rotenbergs without "noise and dust." Events so developed. In early October 2018, Dmitry Zakharchenko, co-owner of 1520, Valery Markelov, was arrested for giving bribes to an employee of the GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Another co-owner, Boris Usherovich, managed to escape. He was put on the federal wanted list. The third co-owner, Alexei Krapivin, did not manage to escape.

He was at the time of Markelov’s arrest in Sochi, and hid there. He was put on the so-called operational search. Being in a clandestine position in Sochi, Alexei Krapivin came to Igor Rotenberg, whom he had known before. I was looking for protection for myself and for business. Igor discussed the topic with senior family members. Consultations were held with the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, who is considered the creature of the Rotenbergs. He said that he was ready to save all contracts from 1520 to hundreds of billion rubles and increase this cash flow. As a result, Igor Rotenberg expressed his willingness to purchase a new asset. After that, Krapivin voluntarily appeared in the Investigative Committee, testified and remained only a witness in the case. Since November 2018, he has been known in the market as a consultant to Igor Rotenberg. And Igor Rotenberg himself, as the manager and not the official owner of 1520. It is with him that all issues are resolved.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov