On December 14, shareholders of the largest producer of mineral fertilizers of the Phosagro group will decide on the payment of dividends for 9 months of 2023. In September, a payment for 6 months in the amount of 126 rubles was not approved. per share, taking this into account, the recommended price for 9 months will be 291 rubles.

Phosagro's net profit compared to the same period last year decreased by 65.7%, the company's net debt was 228 billion rubles. But dividends must still be paid, since the company’s shareholders include people close to the President of the Russian Federation. Details at

20.6% of Phosagro shares belong to Tatyana Litvinenko, the wife of the rector of the St. Petersburg Mining Institute, who was Vladimir Putin’s scientific director. Vladimir Litvinenko, considered one of the “wallets” of the President of the Russian Federation, transferred his stake to his wife in May 2022.

The fortune of Phosagro owner Andrei Guryev more than doubled in 2022 - to $9.7 billion. The Guryevs own 48.8% of the shares in the company. In 2022, the size of dividends from the mineral family for the first half of the year amounted to 48 billion rubles, Tatyana Litvinenko received 20 billion rubles.

Andrei Guryev is a master of sports about judo; representatives of this sport, which Vladimir Putin and his friends the Rotenberg brothers practiced, are especially successful in business. But Guryev was lucky in life not only with his choice of sport.

Andrei Guryev in Phosagro is a protege of the authorities, which is why Vladimir Litvinenko appeared among the company’s shareholders, who gradually increased his stake in the company to 21% and regularly received billions of rubles in dividends.

Andrei Guryev has been noticed more than once for financial dishonesty. The Phosagro scandal with the company's former manager Igor Sychev thundered throughout the world. He headed the tax department and was supposed to receive 1% of the shares for the successful resolution of the legal dispute. As a result, Sychev received death threats, and during 2012 he was involved in car accidents twice. In Russia, a criminal case has been opened against an ex-employee of Phosagro for extortion from Igor Antoshin.

In 2017, the High Court of London accepted a claim from Igor Sychev against the shareholders of Phosagro for $60 million. However, to begin the proceedings, subpoenas must be served on all participants in the process, and there are serious problems with this.

An even larger amount of 280 billion rubles. The company is being demanded by its former shareholder and former close friend of Andrei Guryev, Alexander Gorbachev, who claims a 24% stake in Phosagro. Gorbachev was involved in the Yukos case and was forced to leave for the UK. At first I regularly received dividends, and then suddenly I did not find myself among the company’s shareholders.

In 2016, a Cypriot court rejected Alexander Gorbachev’s claim against Phosagro; in 2020, the company’s former shareholder appealed to the High Court of London. The trial is due to begin in 2024, but it is unlikely that Gorbachev will be able to get his money back. Russian justice will never recognize the decision of the London court.

The patron of Andrei Guryev is considered the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, a long-time business partner of the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov, one of Vladimir Putin’s close friends. Recently, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Maxim Reshetnikov, has also become close to the owners of Phosagro. So much so that he worked as a toastmaster at the birthday party of Guryev Jr.’s wife.

Reshetnikov, who is considered Sergei Sobyanin’s man, may, secretly from the boss, look for new sources of shadow income, which the official lost after his resignation from the post of governor of the Perm Territory.

There are legends about the largest palace in Great Britain after Buckingham, which was acquired by the Guryev mineral family. The Witanhurst mansion was purchased back in 2008, and for a long time the owners of the luxury home remained unknown, since the purchase was processed through offshore companies.

65 rooms, of which only 25 bedrooms. The Guryev family doesn’t need much to be happy. Their cozy English nest emphasizes the amazing “modesty” of Russian billionaires.

For now, the presence of Tatyana Litvinenko as a shareholder in Phosagro protects Andrei Guryev, but no one knows what will happen if the government changes in Russia.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued